Wednesday, 10 July 2013

1 Abbott's travel entitlements and the test of character

We assess a person’s character through their actions. Julia Gillard had “questions to answer” about her past actions because it was said to reflect on her character. The expense claims of Peter Slipper and Craig Thomson apparently showed they had failed the "character test". 

Tony Abbott (TA) is likely to be the next PM. But Margo Kingston’s recent investigation clearly shows that TA himself has inappropriately claimed travel entitlements in the past and has had to repay money. (1)

But anyone can make a mistake. Can't they. 

There have also been reports in social media about other questionable travel expenses.  All this information is in the public domain and is presented here with links to sources and cross-referenced to provide the 'context'.  Perhaps all these travel claims are legitimate and entirely within the rules. Or it may be that it is TA who has some "questions to answer" and maybe this is a test of his character.

2 Appropriate use of entitlements
3 The Pollie Pedal
4 Participating in sporting events
5 Voluntary work in indigenous communities